Relatable Physics

You can find a part of yourself in anything. Just try. A silken blanket is consistent with the same properties you recognize—flown by the same gravity and moved by the same winds. In physics, it is known that each thing has rules as the next, but taken in scientific context, colored views are lost. It is forgotten that a collection of papers spread across pavement is a scene of wasted human connections. And faded tweed is a charismatic wearing of a spirit against reality.

It’s nice to think likeness exists between animate and inanimate objects. So the connection between animate and animate objects must only be more evident. The doctor I dreamt of being is not far away. He thinks and acts and lives in a similar context as I do. He’s bounded by Newtonian physics and like me, will never be able to fly. The musician is also close—he shares a similar taste for music and sways unknowingly to it.

I do not aspire to be a doctor or musician now. I just, in some kind of hippie-sense, am both. It is easy to come up with meaningful analogies such as these to practically anything not because I or others who take joy in the same have a special set of wits, but because under a common set of living, professions and objects and other people are much closer to us than typically thought. Are people wondering that? It’s easy to make comparisons to all these things because they’re already similar to us. They are bounded by the same laws of movement and conform the same way we do. I feel it makes sense to say “I am one with the earth” now. It isn’t as figurative as it sounds, either. We’re all star matter, and we’ll go back to being stars eventually. Some star fragments just happened to become earth and some became living things. Related by a parent, humans and earth are connected.

With so many existing connections, realizing them in your unfulfilled desires might just need another outlook. They’re there. It might not be obvious, but the way you become something else only requires the right connections to be seen. A strengthening of the connection of conformity, rigidity, or another. Now go get ’em.