Recently, I  attended a small backyard show at the Eureka Building. A few underground bands were playing the venue, but I was mainly there to see a good friend of mine play with his band (Transporting Planets if you’d like to give them a listen). I met some considerably interesting people at the event, but these are not the people who stick around. These are the people whom we meet once and require a matter of luck to determine whether or not we will ever meet again.

While together, we chatted and laughed like old friends—although we’ve never met before—and at the end of the night we went our separate ways. This got me thinking about the people we meet in this way, those who we meet once and may never see again. When the night is over we are left with nothing but the memories of these people, the things they said, or the things they did in the short time we got to know each other. And conceivably these people have similar memories of ourselves, they remember our voices, our laughs, and our smiles, perhaps they even remember our outfits—something that someone who sees us regularly might dismiss from their memory. However, it is not long before these memories fade, they are lost in our minds, drifting further and further away into our unconscious, much like the people themselves drifting further away into the world, once we have departed.

These are things that keep me going in life, the thought that however far away these people are in the world, however lost the memory of them is, there is always the chance that a conversation might trigger a remembrance of them, or the chance that we might meet again in some strange and unexplainable coincidence. Sure, we could just be following the music, which would increase the likeliness of us meeting once more, but there is still the chance we could meet somewhere else—walking past each other on the street, grabbing a cup of coffee to start the day, going out to grab a midnight snack—it’s the thought that some strange force can join us together again, bringing with it the once forgotten memories we shared.

These are the thoughts that get me through the day, and these same thoughts get me to sleep at night. Allowing me to drift into the deep and strange state that is sleep, until I wake the next day with the uncertain possibility of meeting these lost and forgotten people again.